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The Market... A Social Perspective

From my early days in sales at the K-12 division of NIIT LTD., was always fascinated by the power of marketing.  At that time we had road shows across cities to market our products and services. Now with the maturity of web 2.0 technologies, the world resides in personal computing devices. Hence, the cost of marketing your product or service has considerably reduced. Also, earlier your customers were literally "fed" information and they did not hold any control on the marketing content. This  has drastically changed now... and how?

Thanks to Facebook posts, any one can express their feelings, experiences about your product or services. The same is true for Twitter tweets and posts on various community forums. In a nutshell, your product or service is being spoken about even without you spending a dime on marketing. Now, the buzz around your product or service is possible in both a positive or a negative sentiment. This will purely depend on the quality of the product or service and the efficiency of the customer interaction touch points. This makes it all the more important for you to listen in on the social web to counter any negative buzz, which may be damaging your brand reputation.

Hence, if you think you do not need to be present on the social web... think again... cause your absence, does not guarantee the absence of the conversation regarding your brand.

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As always, stay social... stay cool....